10 trender för intranät under 2011

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Det har talats om att recessionens återhållsamhet lett till en buffrad, enorm investeringsvilja i bl a intranät under 2011. Web Service Award konstaterade även samma sak för Sverige.

Paul Miller

Paul Miller, CEO och grundare Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF) har listat följande trender kunderna kommer vilja bygga eller vidareutveckla i sina intranät under nästa år:

  • Trend 1: Intranets will increasingly become absorbed into the ”digital workplace ” – the wider world of workplace technology
  • Trend 2: Intranets and other digital services will be managed at more senior and more strategic levels – no longer in communications, technology etc – but at the operational heart of the organization
  • Trend 3: People will start buying technologies other than the default standards of SharePoint and Yammer as organizations realize that viable, strong alternatives do exist and are growing
  • Trend 4: Organisations will need strong workplace technology environments to attract the best new staff and also to retain those staff
  • Trend 5: We will stop talking about social media, enterprise 2.0 and just talk of collaboration as the catch-all term inside and outside the organizational firewall
  • Trend 6: Intranets and the digital workplace will boom in terms of investment as if the financial downturn had never happened – it’s already happening
  • Trend 7: Organizations will start shaping and designing digital workplace strategies through to 2015 just as they have designed ”physical workplace” strategies in the past
  • Trend 8: Search and findability will keep surfacing as a frustration point for staff and contractors and organizations will keep adding dedicated resource to enterprise search
  • Trend 9: Increased frequency of travel chaos will keep adding weight to the need for ever stronger, more resilient and deeper digital workplace environments – pushing higher the numbers engaged with remote and flexible working
  • Trend 10: New resourcing – i.e. extra headcount – will be added to intranet and digital workplace teams later in 2011


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